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Omaheke Region

Omaheke is one of the thirteen regions of Namibia. Omaheke lies on the eastern border of Namibia. The name Omaheke is the Herero word for Sandveld. A large part of this region is known as the Sandveld. Gobabis is the main centre of this area and also its main business area, as it is linked with the capital of Namibia, Windhoek, by rail and paved roads. This infrastructure serves as the main supply line for the region.

All the other population centres in the region are linked with Gobabis by road. Many other services are rendered from Gobabis to the region, such as the Police Divisional Head Quarters, which is situated in Gobabis. Clinics in the region are served by medical practisioners based in Gobabis, and there are two hospitals and a clinic serving the region.

The agricultural patterns of this region is to a large extent homogenous. Most of the 900 commercial and 3,500 communal farmers in this area are cattle breeders. A regional office of the Ministry of Agriculture, serving the whole region, is based in Gobabis.

Hunting, including trophy hunting, is one of the major sources of income for the region. This takes place mainly in the winter months, from June to August. During these months, tourists from the northern hemisphere can be seen in the area, enjoying the mild and dry winter climate and collecting trophies.

The North Eastern part of the region is still very much a wilderness and beautiful wild Kalahari scenes can be seen by people willing to travel tedious roads and spend nights in the open.

Antropologically, almost the the entire Mbanderu and Gobabis-Ju/wa ethnic groups are residing in the region. Furthermore, it is a rich cultural area for Herero, Damara-Nama, Tswana, Afrikaner and German, with a sprinkling of northerners.

A notable event is the annual Meat Festival, which draws visitors from all over.

In the east, Omaheke borders three districts of Botswana:

  • North-West - northern
  • Ghanzi - central
  • Kgalagadi - southern

Domestically, it borders the following regions:

  • Hardap - south
  • Khomas - west
  • Otjozondjupa - north

The region comprises six constituencies: Otjinene, Otjozondjou, Steinhausen, Gobabis, Buitepos, and Aminuis.

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